Administration Council
Administration Council

The new Administration Council of the Company of Greek Philologists, as a result of the elections held on 2 October 2021, is as follows:

PRESIDENT: Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou, Hon. Professor, University of Peloponnese.
1st Vice-Chairman: Ioannis Polemis, Professor of the Hellenic University of Peloponnese.
VICE-CHAIRMAN. Professor G.V. Vassiliou, Professor, E.K.P.A.
SECRETARY GENERAL: Georgios Manousopoulos, former Headmaster of the Gymnasium
SPECIAL SECRETARY: Spyridon Parginos, former Headmaster of the Gymnasium
TAMIAS: Konstantinos Dalkos, High School Principal (retired).
KOSMITHOR: Antonios Vrakas, d.f., former School Counsellor
MEMBERS: Stavroula Dionysopoulou, MA in Literature
Vassilios Konstantinopoulos, M.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.
Claus Constantinos, University of Peloponnese, President of the "Parnassos" F.S.
Nadia Panagulea-Kyriazopoulou, former Headmistress of the Gymnasium, Author
Christos Polatof, D.F., Educator
Ioannis Chountis, PhD candidate, University of Aberdeen

Following the elections of 18 March 2018, the new Council of Administration of the Company Greek Philologists was constituted as follows:

PRESIDENT: Georgia Xanthaki - Karamanou
Tel. + fax: 210- 6812052, 6972690437, e-mail:
First Vice President: Vasilios Konstantinopoulos
tel.: 210-9707634, 6948621705, 3.
Second Vice-Chairman: Georgios Vassilaros
tel.: 210-5730493, 6938246674, e-mail:
SECRETARY GENERAL: Georgios Manousopoulos
tel.: 210-8646576, 6932651567,
SPECIAL SECRETARY: Spyridon Parginos
tel. home + fax: 210 6425540, 6939555037, e-mail:
TAMIAS: Konstantinos Dalkos
tel. home: 210-5908557, e-mail:
KOSMITHOR: Antonios Vrakas
tel. 210-7704222, 6946416423, e-mail:
MEMBERS (alphabetically)
a) Anastasios Nikolopoulos
tel. 210-6779378, 6936779338, e-mail:
b) Nadia Panagulea - Kyriazopoulou
tel.: 210 8001094, 6934167383, e-mail:
c) Christos Polatov
tel.: 210 2514510, 6982693923, e-mail:
(d) Ioannis Polemis
tel.: 210-6231525, 6986488576, e-mail:
(e) Ioannis Chountis


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