Journal PLATO
Journal PLATO

Since 1949, the H.E.F. has continuously and uninterruptedly published its annual scientific journal "PLATO", of which 58 volumes have already been published. The name of the journal reflects the desire of the philologists for a constant remembrance of Plato, the founder of the idea of education and its connection with friendship and reason, the founder of spirituality and virtue, and of the terms philologist and philology. The journal publishes important articles by Greek and foreign philologists. The high scientific level and the great value of this journal is attested both by the favourable comments and reviews of approved Philologists, and by the fact that it is exchanged with 80 authoritative foreign journals and sent to scientific institutions and libraries in more than 60 countries abroad.

Since 2002, a parallel "Supplement" to "PLATO" has been published. In it, articles and studies of teaching and pedagogical content of all the subjects taught in secondary education, to which it is mainly addressed. The aim of the 'Appendix' is to facilitate the pedagogical, teaching and anthropological work of mainly young colleagues in the field of Philology.


GEORGIA XANTHAKI-KARAMANOU, M.Sc. Professor, University of Peloponnese, former Vice President of the International Federation of Classical Studies (F.I.E.C.)


GEORGIOS VASILAROS, Deputy Chairman of the Committee. Professor, University of Athens
VASSILIOS KONSTANTINOPOULOS, M.Sc. Professor, University of Peloponnese
IOANNA SPILIOPOULOU, Rev. Professor, University of Peloponnese
GEORGIOS MANOUSOPOULOS, Teacher, General Director, University of Peloponnese, Greece General Secretary of the Society of Greek Philologists
SPYRIDON PARGINOS, Educator, Member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Greek Philologists


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