Presentation Dionysiac Dialogues
Presentation Dionysiac Dialogues
2 January 2023

On 11 January 2023 the presentation of the most recent book of the President of the Society of Greek Philologists, Professor Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou, entitled: 'Dionysiac' Dialogues. Euripides' Bacchae, Aeschylus and Christus Patiens. The book was published by the series Trends in Classics (Supplementary Vol. 128) of the well-known publishing house Walter de Gruyter, under the scientific editorship of Professors Franco Montanari and Antonios Regakos.

This is an original approach to one of Euripides' leading dramas, Bacchae. Ms. Xanthaki examines text-centered, with scholarly documentation and clarity of discourse, the reception of Aeschylus' fragmentary surviving dramatic works with Dionysian content in the Bacchae, as well as the reception of the Bacchae in the only surviving dramatic work of the Byzantine period, Christ the Passionist. The thorough treatment of this complex literary topic highlights the timeless presence of themes and ideas in the development of Greek literature.

The content and value of this original work, which fills a real gap in the research of dramatic poetry, was presented in an excellent way by three expert professors: from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Maria Liatsis, from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Ioannis Polemis, and from the University of Crete, Andreas Fountoulakis.

Professor Antonios Regakos, President of the Academy of Athens, in his address, referred to the author's overall work, emphasizing the originality of her publications and her recognition by the international scientific community.

The event also read highly praised comments sent for the book by Professor Christopher Carey of the University of London, a distinguished Hellenist and member of the British Academy.


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